Rubik’s Uncubed



Inspired by the original Rubik’s Cube and made in partnership with Rubiks Brand Ltd. Rubik’s Uncubed is a new twist on the Match 3 genre. Players solve puzzles by sliding tiles to make colorful matches and complete increasingly complex objectives.

Rubik’s Uncubed was made by Magmic Inc. and developed for iOS using the Unity Game Engine.


I was a programmer to this project. My tasks largely focused on programming core gameplay systems which saw me create the game’s puzzle solving algorithm and gameplay visual effects management systems. I was also responsible for spearheading the creation of an advanced visual debugging system used on all current projects at Magmic Inc as part of this project.


  • Created an advanced visual debugging system in Unity allowing for more effective application testing on device.
  • Researched, developed and implemented the game’s high efficiency match 3 puzzle solving algorithm using bitboards.
  • Developed and implemented a solution handling/visual effects management system used for all in game effects.
  • Proposed and eventually implemented the game’s online/offline inventory management system to handle in game currencies.
  • Developed and implemented systems governing the visual effects associated to tile movement, falling, skewing and in game hinting.




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